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9 cities that lead on nature-based development

The health of natural ecosystems is crucial to the health of cities and urban populations. From essential services like water purification, flood control and climate regulation to a range of physical and mental health benefits, societies thrive by building a strong connection to nature. Biodiversity loss and ecosystem changes are a reality in our urban 

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Getting urbanization right: achieving the SDGs

“If we are to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, end extreme poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity for everyone, we must strengthen collective effort to get urbanization right.” – Maimunah Sharif, Executive Director of UN Habitat   Sharif made this statement to the assembled leaders of the High Level Political Forum 

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Sao Paulo skyline and greenery

Cities lead on climate with nature’s help

By Laura Huffman, Texas Regional Director, The Nature Conservancy   Cities get things done at the right scale: the human scale. They have the pace and vigor to turn momentum into action, connecting locally to move the needle globally on a host of issues. When the U.S. government withdrew from the Paris Agreement, the response from 

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Your guide to global urban transformation: Top 3 ICLEI World Congress 2018 takeaways

The ICLEI World Congress 2018 in Montréal brought together more than 1,000 people with one unifying question in mind: How do we build a sustainable urban world? With 177 cities and regions and more than 120 political leaders in the room, from Warsaw, Poland to Phuentsholing, Bhutan and from Honiara City, Solomon Islands to Cape 

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The ICLEI Montréal Commitment in action

The ICLEI World Congress 2018 brought new energy and momentum to sustainable urban development. ICLEI and partners announced new initiatives and strengthened partnership to kick start implementation of the ICLEI Montréal Commitment and Strategic Vision. Here are some of the key announcements from the ICLEI World Congress 2018 to watch: The UN Environment Principles for Sustainable 

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“We have to take our citizens with us.” Cities talk SDGs and citizen engagement

SDG 11 is the central lever to attain all of the 17 goals outlined in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Cities are a connection point for a multiplicity of development challenges, and through integrated solutions, create opportunities for hitting on the many facets of the global sustainability agenda, from climate action to reduced inequalities. Naturally, 

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Gender equality starts at the top: Women in municipal leadership

When Mayor Célestine Ketcha épouse Courtès spoke at the ICLEI World Congress 2018, she painted a picture of what climate change means women in her native country, Cameroon. When droughts come, she said, and villagers need to travel to collect water, it is not the men who do the walking. It is the women who bring it 

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Action in the time of global change

The triennial ICLEI World Congress represents a unique convening point for the growing global ICLEI network. It is a platform to take stock of our urban world – the challenges ahead of us, past success we can leverage and the path towards global urban transformation. The pace and scale of global change is unprecedented. On 

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5 pathways to systemic urban change

From climate change to urbanization, the rate and scale of global change is unprecedented. These impacts are changing the face of everyday life and posing substantial risk to communities and natural systems. Sustainable urban development will play a decisive role in global development. As cities grow and change, so do the demands on social infrastructure, 

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