La visión de sostenibilidad de São Paulo: salud, resiliencia y acceso a los alimentos

Mientras los termómetros de São Paulo marcaron temperaturas récord el año pasado, la ola de calor se negó a ceder, y en marzo de 2024 alcanzaron casi 35 °C, la temperatura más alta para ese mes desde 1943. La ciudad de São Paulo se ha comprometido a fomentar una comunidad más sana y resiliente abordando 

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São Paulo’s sustainability vision linking health, resilience and food access

As São Paulo’s thermometers marked record-breaking temperatures last year, the heat wave refused to relent, with March 2024 hitting nearly 35°C—the highest for the month since 1943. The City of São Paulo is committed to nurturing a healthier, more resilient community by tackling health-related issues due to rising temperatures and air pollution. Here, we spotlight 

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Climate change is impacting urban health. Here is why and how we should measure it

The 2015-2016 Zika outbreak in South America showed how increasing temperatures and growing populations expose urban areas to considerable health risks. In turn, increasing concentrations of population and changes in eating habits in the developing world have direct, measurable impacts on the state of the climate. Such impacts are currently being explored by an innovative project 

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Resilient Cities 2015 Interviews: Vikas Desai

We conducted a series of interviews at our Resilient Cities 2015 congress. Here, Vikas Desai of the Urban Health and Climate Resilience Center in Surat, India, explains why health is a key indicator for climate change adaptation strategies.