What is the new normal? Challenges and opportunities beyond COVID-19

Now, as we seem to have moved beyond the peak of the first large coronavirus/COVID-19 wave in Europe and the dramatic death toll is decreasing, people and economic stakeholders are beginning to push for a fast reduction of restrictions as a way back to a new normal. This new normal will have to account for 

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COVID-19: How Indian cities can enhance the resiliency of the supply chain of essential goods

Like never before, the crisis has unveiled how supply chains play a crucial role in responding to the disaster, essentially due to the scale and nature of today’s networked supply chains. The health emergency represents a sobering experience heightening the importance for cities to (1) adopt sustainable urban logistics planning and integrated approaches, (2) innovate 

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Local Governments Confront the Dual Challenges of COVID and Climate

As local governments adapt to life under lockdown many face disruptions to their climate plans. The severe impact of the pandemic has meant councils are focusing on delivering essential services and financial support to meet the immediate needs of local residents and businesses. This is necessary but creates another risk by placing many critically important 

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Using resilience concepts in disaster response

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted normal life all over the world. While there are reports of rejuvenation of nature with minimal human interference ever since the lockdown has been initiated in different countries, there is also a major challenge of maintaining civic services while restricting human activities. The functioning of municipal governments all over 

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The COVID-19 crisis: are we daring to look beyond?

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we face extremely challenging situations in Europe and beyond. We do not yet know how the situation in other countries in Europe and the world will develop, and when we will see a shift back to “normal.” This level of insecurity is unusually high and hard to bear.

Dunedin, New Zealand has divested from fossil fuels – here is why and how

This blog post was written by Ana Marques, Low Carbon Cities Senior Officer at ICLEI World Secretariat. In April 2015, Councilor Jinty MacTavish of Dunedin, New Zealand made a compelling presentation on fossil fuel divestment at the ICLEI World Congress in Seoul. Since then, Dunedin has finalized a policy on ethical investments and divested from 

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Letter from Gino Van Begin – January

Dear ICLEI friends and colleagues, Local and subnational governments have proven to be a reliable force for positive global change. Now, in 2017, it is vital that we push to make the trend towards sustainable development irreversible. We aim to do so through our actions on the ground, efforts to shape global policy and events 

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