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Building the architecture for global sustainability action: Time for strong coalitions

2016 marked the end of an important period in which nations sought political consensus around the global development agenda. They came to agree that sustainable development should, in fact, be the global agenda for change, consequently adopting major international agreements, like the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. The New 

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Letter from Gino Van Begin – January

Dear ICLEI friends and colleagues, Local and subnational governments have proven to be a reliable force for positive global change. Now, in 2017, it is vital that we push to make the trend towards sustainable development irreversible. We aim to do so through our actions on the ground, efforts to shape global policy and events 

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The million steps to sustainability

While Gothenburg, Sweden issues green bonds to finance sustainability projects, Almada, Portugal creates community gardens that allow citizens to grow vegetables next to flood-preventing stormwater retention areas. The Jongno District in Seoul, South Korea seeks to increase the happiness of its residents by restoring green areas in the city and ‘emptying’ the city from unnecessary 

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The New Urban Agenda: an opportunity for cities and nations

From Seberang Perai, Malaysia to Seoul, South Korea, sustainable cities have unique assets. They are home to visionary leaders, skilled staff and active members of civil society – each an equal driver in defining and achieving local sustainability goals. They are also major political and economic centers with the potential to foster innovation and creative 

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ICLEI Updates from Surabaya at HABITATIII PrepCom3

ICLEI at HABITATIII PrepCom3 ICLEI towards HABITATIII Here is an overview of 27 July and early hours of 28 July 1- Side event of ICLEI and University Tekniki Malaysia, focusing on advancing sustainability  of  Asian cities and regions effectively reflected the diversity of topic in the region through its multinational (Malaysia, S. Korea, Japan, Indonesia, 

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Sendai Conference raises the curtain for the post-2015 development agenda, focusing on disaster risk reduction

On 13-18 March 2014, ICLEI Member City Sendai (Japan) will host the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR). The conference aims to finalize the design of the international and multistakeholder framework of collaboration on disaster risk reduction for the next couple of decades. WCDRR is of particular importance as the first decadal intergovernmental 

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Ahead of ADP2.8: a flashback on our “Accelerated Dialogue with Parties”

Climate negotiators will meet in Geneva for one week starting from this Sunday to kick-off the last round of their negotiations, known as the ADP (Ad Hoc Working Group on Durban Platform for Enhanced Action). These negotiations is expected to conclude with an agreed outcome in December this year in Paris, which will define the 

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The road from Lima to Paris: Keep three lanes free for local governments!

“In this 25 years of global climate regime, there is one overpowering message: no President, Minister, Mayor, CEO or citizen can meet the challenge of climate change alone. If we are to bring down global temperatures, we must step up, scale up, speed up local climate action globally. Together, let’s innovate, integrate, collaborate!” Park Won-Soon, Mayor, 

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