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Protecting our water sources brings a wealth of benefits

By Andrea Erickson, Managing Director, Water Security The journey of our water from source to tap is long, and not one we think much about. For most of us, our water starts high in the mountains, hundreds of miles away. From there, water flows across natural and working lands until a portion is channeled to 

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Water markets can support an improved water future

By Brian Richter, Chief Scientist, Water at The Nature Conservancy Fresh water touches every part of daily life—from drinking water and sanitation, to agriculture and energy production. Unfortunately, for nearly half of the world’s population, water scarcity is a growing issue with devastating impacts to our communities, economies and nature. In the past, countries have 

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Water resilience: why it’s important and how to fund it

by Lauren Stabler, Resilient Cities 2016 social media volunteer This afternoon’s panel session focused particularly on the adverse effects of climate change on local water systems. Hosted by Heidi Braun of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), four climate change adaptation experts and local practitioners were invited to present on IDRC-funded research and intervention projects 

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China’s New Opportunity: Water Funds

By Daniel Shemie, Kari Vigerstol, Mu Quan, Wang Longzhu The Nature Conservancy What do the Chinese cities of Harbin, Ningbo, Qingdao and Xuzhou have in common? They are all water stressed, but they are also perfectly positioned to lead the country toward a more sustainable water future. While China encompasses almost 20 percent of the 

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Successful water management case studies from cities show water as an enabler of nature and man

Cities from Japan, Korea and Slovakia shared their case studies in enhancing water quality, treating waste water and improving the overall condition of the ecosystem through water management during the breakout session chaired by Martin Brennan, Director of ICLEI Oceania, on the second day of the 4th Local Governments and Regional Authorities Conference at the 

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Host Cities of the 7th World Water Forum shared local challenges and successes

          The host cities of the 7th World Water Forum: Daegu and Gyeongbukdo, shared the water actions in their cities on the first day of the 4th Local Governments and Regional Authorities Conference.   Known as the “water city of Korea”, Daegu has abundant water infrastructure and a large pool of 

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The 4th Local and Regional Authorities Conference opens at Gyeongju during the 7th World Water Forum

The 4th Local and Regional Authorities Conference, held under the title of “Toward a Roadmap for implementation”, opens today at Gyeongju, South Korea during the 7th World Water Forum.   Dedicated to water management issues and challenges faced by local and regional governments (LRAs), the 4th edition of the conference pays special focus on the 

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7 Days to the ICLEI World Congress: Linking Biodiversity and Water

Post by Irina Velasco, ICLEI Africa In seven days, the third Urban Nature Congress will take place at the ICLEI World Congress 2015, and we are busy preparing for this exciting gathering! Providing a platform to share information, promote case studies, encourage interactive discussion, and offer inspiration for cities, “Urban Nature 2015: Local Action for 

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9 Days to the World Congress: Cities and Water

Post by Barbara Anton Cities and water form an inextricable relationship. For centuries, local authorities all around the world have been endeavoring to serve their citizens with the water they need, take care of polluted water and get the water under control when severe floods happen. While key for managing a city sustainably, good water 

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Melbourne’s Sustainability Journey: Water

Post by Jem Wilson, City of Melbourne The City of Melbourne is looking forward to attending the ICLEI World Congress in Seoul. Melbourne became an ICLEI member back in 1998, and in 1999 we launched a successful bid to host ICLEI’s Oceania Secretariat in Melbourne. The City of Melbourne’s involvement with ICLEI catalysed our journey 

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