CityFood in 2024: What’s cooking?

This piece was written by the ICLEI CityFood team. 2023 marked another big step to further consolidate food as a game changer, its interdependence with biodiversity, climate and health, and the need to address these systemically to achieve progress. With ten years on the ground, ICLEI’s CityFood is one of the oldest urban food programmes 

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At last, COP27 spotlights food systems

COP27 has made it clear: this year, countries should be standing “Together For Implementation”. To this end, global leaders have come together in Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) over the past two weeks to discuss the climate actions necessary to collectively meet Paris Agreement targets. And, for the first time at a UN Climate Change Conference, 

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Strengthening urban food systems in times of crisis

An update interview with ICLEI Global CityFood Program Coordinator Peter Defranceschi Written by Selina Emmanuel and Jiwon Lee of the ICLEI World Secretariat Global Projects Team Since our last interview on the global food crisis and the role of cities, the global food landscape has changed further. The war in Ukraine has amplified many of 

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Eight great ideas to tackle food insecurity from industrial legacy cities

For formerly industrial cities that have transitioned away from heavy industry, food insecurity has been a dire problem. Prolonged disinvestment common to former blue collar neighborhoods often means that food insecurity is more significant in these areas. But these cities are also showing how food systems can be made more equitable and sustainable.

Food for thought: how Seoul and Hong Kong are tackling food waste

On 29-31 July, a Hong Kong delegation visited Seoul to learn from the city’s advanced food waste policies and practices. Through the ICLEI-organized tour, Hong Kong city officials were presented with innovative technological solutions and people-centered approaches. Hong Kong: a small land with a mounting problem Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated 

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From rubbish to resource: Building resilient urban food systems

by Sophia Rettberg, Resilient Cities 2019 Guest Blogger Food waste is a global issue. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, more than one third of all food worldwide is wasted. When it comes to food waste, the US ranks second worst in the world, wasting around 40 percent of the food produced 

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How design thinking and landscape architecture can help cities regain their resilience

by Sophia Rettberg, Resilient Cities 2019 Guest Blogger Environmental hazards such as flooding, heat waves and droughts are increasingly common challenges for cities around the globe. As these issues demand on-going adaptation and innovation, local governments have turned to design thinking – a people-centered approach for building products and services – for solutions. Landscape architecture and 

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