ICLEI Communication Vol.10 & Vol.11 are now available

ICLEI Japan has been focusing on local governments, who are the main actors in realizing a sustainable society, and introduces those that are leading the way in combating on climate change in the bimonthly Global Warming issue of Nippo Business (Only Japanese Available). During the UNFCCC COP25 in December 2019, ICLEI represented local governments and 

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Collaboration cultivates innovation: How ICLEI Africa and the City of Cape Town have been pioneering local sustainability action for two decades

In its 30 years of urban sustainability work, ICLEI has partnered closely with many of the world’s cities to form long-standing, mutually supportive relationships. The relationship between the City of Cape Town and ICLEI Africa is a key example. The City’s Executive Director of Spatial Planning and Environment, Mr Osman Asmal, reflects. The City of 

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Accelerating the Race to Zero carbon: Multiple paths leading to the same destination

From left to right: Shinjiro Koizumi, Minister of Environment of Japan; Minna Arve, Mayor of Turku, Finland; Ashok Sridharan, Mayor of Bonn, Germany, and ICLEI President. One of the toughest parts of fulfilling the Paris Agreement goals is understanding the path to success. What does it take to muster the political will and support to 

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What’s Happening on World Environment Day (5 June 2020)?

Recalling the legacy of the UN Conference on Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972, the UN Environment Programme takes the lead in the celebrations of the World Environment Day annually on 5 June. This year, the theme of WED2020 is biodiversity – under the hashtag #TimeForNature. Colombia is the global host with the support 

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Three stories for local governments to watch in 2020

As we kick off a new decade, environment takes center stage. For the first time, the top five global threats in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report are all environmental. Climate action failure and biodiversity loss make the top five both in terms of likelihood and level of impact.

After COP25, frustration over decisions but even more hope on local climate action

The longest-ever climate conference, COP25, concluded on Sunday. The talks punted a number of meaningful decisions to 2020, and some results were even cause for disappointment. But those of us working for local and regional governments are used to taking the lead on ambition. While we are frustrated at the lack of progress on the decisions coming out of the negotiations, we still found four reasons to remain hopeful after this COP25.

The glorious past returns: How Essen is harnessing its industrial legacy to accelerate sustainability

At the height of the industrial revolution, Essen was a hub of innovation, technological developments and new ideas. Change is still engrained in its identity, but now the city is leveraging its former industrial glory to achieve new transition goals. The German city is pioneering a path that builds on its history to implement strategies 

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Turku’s advice on circularity? Imagine the possibilities. Then get started.

Turku, Finland, which is an active member of ICLEI’s Green Circular Cities Coalition, was a leading player in sessions dedicated to circularity over the past two days at COP25. And rightfully so. After committing to becoming carbon neutral by 2040 at the Paris Summit in 2015, the city has since challenged itself with an even 

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With shale companies threatening, Alliance more important than ever for Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (second right) shares with the audience that regardless of what is decided at the federal level, implementation of SDG’s comes down to the local level. Having just recently committed to the UN’s SDGs – only the second US city do so – City of Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto came to COP25 

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Vision paper presented at COP25 by key actors to scale up mass market for zero-emission freight vehicles

9 December 2019, Madrid, Spain –– As part of the broad coalition convened under the Action towards Climate-friendly Transport (ACT) initiative launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in September, the Zero-Emission Freight Vehicle (ZEFV) ACTion Group has created a common vision together with key players working to scale up the global mass market for 

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