Solar bridge, Bonn, Germany

Why are cities setting 100% renewable energy targets?

Over the last decades cities, towns and regions in different continents and of different sizes have been setting ambitious renewable energy (RE) targets that help driving the transition towards a sustainable and renewable energy future while delivering multiple benefits to the local communities. Adopting RE targets helps local governments legitimize the further allocation of resources 

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100 percent renewable energy is an imperative

Berlin, Germany voted to divest its €750 million public pension from oil, coal and gas companies, while Stockholm, Sweden, Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, California have joined a growing number of cities making similar commitments. Meanwhile, cities are also exploring ways to meet their energy needs entirely with renewable sources. Vancouver, Canada aims to hit 

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Gregor Robertson_bcndp

100%RE: Vancouver, Canada (Gregor Robertson)

This series looks at Mayors who are introducing 100% renewable energy targets for their cities or regions. Profile: City Mayor who has pioneered new policy approaches to long term sustainable development for a major city and as part of this is leading the way on a 100% renewables policy to benefit hundreds of thousands of 

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4 Days to the ICLEI World Congress: Vancouver Votes for 100% Renewable Energy Target

ICLEI Member Vancouver recently took a huge step towards becoming a fully sustainable city, with its City Council voting for the long-term goal of deriving 100 percent of the city’s energy from renewable sources. Vancouver joins a number of other cities, including San Francisco, Copenhagen and Sydney, in making this ambitious target a part of 

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ICLEI Links: 6 March 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of ICLEI Links, our roundup of sustainability-related news and commentary from around the web! Okay, we don’t have quite so many this week…but thanks to all on Twitter and elsewhere for sharing. ICLEI Stories Tokyo announces 23 percent emissions reduction in 2013 through cap-and-trade program City Stories Jobs are shifting 

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