Nagpur’s Oranges Give City’s Illustrated Biodiversity Map a Unique Flavour

ICLEI South Asia has developed the Illustrated Urban Biodiversity Map of Nagpur, as part of the assignment to develop a People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR) of the city. Smt. Buveneswari S., CEO, Nagpur Smart, and Sustainable City Development Corporation Limited – which has supported this initiative along with the Nagpur Municipal Corporation – released the map recently. VIEW FULL MAP

Under the PBR project, ICLEI South Asia has developed a detailed inventory of the biodiversity wealth of the city. The map highlights two of Nagpur’s claims to fame, its oranges and tiger protected areas, in addition to other flora and fauna and landmarks. In fact, the compass in the map is depicted as an orange, with an orange-headed thrush perched on it. The user-friendly map is an effective tool to communicate the significance of urban biodiversity to the citizens of Nagpur and is one of the many initiatives that ICLEI South Asia is undertaking to mainstream biodiversity there.

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