【Nagano Prefecture】Climate Emergency Declaration “Go Zero Carbon by 2050”

Author: Sustainable Energy Policy Division, Environmental Department, Nagano Prefecture

In recent times, abnormal weather events have occurred worldwide, and Japan is no exception. The increase in typhoons, heavy rainfall, and other natural disasters is said to be attributed to the effects of global warming.

Climate change is having a severe impact on our lives and our future. Ignoring this issue is not an option. We must take action now to ensure a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

The Paris Agreement adopted in 2015 aims for each country to address global warming. Japan is also working towards achieving a “carbon-neutral society” as part of this effort.

In some regions of Japan, such as Nagano Prefecture, efforts are underway to build a sustainable society as a pioneer in combating global warming. These regions actively participate in international conferences and initiatives, promoting actions towards environmental protection of the planet.

Mr. ABE Shuichi, Governor of Nagano Prefecture, announced the “Climate Emergency Declaration” on December 6, responding to the “Resolution on Climate Emergency” at a regular prefectural assembly in November 2019. This is the first declaration by a prefecture in Japan.

In the declaration, we have determined to achieve “zero carbon emissions in 2050” to respond to climate change using Mitigation to reduce climate change and Adaptation to build resilient cities.

It is crucial because it addresses critical global issues like climate change, sustainable cities, and responsible consumption. Local Governments can get involved by investing in renewable energy, improving public transportation, and promoting recycling.

This initiative significantly advances various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including climate action, sustainable cities, and responsible consumption and production. 

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