Infographic: Highlights from CDP and ICLEI’s unified reporting system

Local and regional governments are stepping up on climate action. Over 1000 municipalities have declared a climate emergency and local and regional leaders are taking their place on the international stage this week at the 25th Climate COP in Madrid.

Local and regional governments are also tackling major emissions sources within their own jurisdictions. They are setting ambitious targets and tracking their action through sub-national climate reporting. 

In 2019, CDP and ICLEI partnered to make subnational reporting even easier. By streamlining ICLEI’s carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) and CDP’s reporting platform into a unified reporting system, this partnership reduces the burden of reporting for local and regional governments and provides a clearer picture of the scope and impact of subnational climate action. 

The 2019 data from the unified reporting system shows that cities and regions are indeed increasing ambition. Of the 460 reported mitigation targets, 56 reporting entities committed to achieving climate neutrality and of the 296 reported energy targets, 89 gave committed to achieve 100% renewable energy.

The data was presented at the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action Human Settlements event, “Climate emergency – time to act for zero carbon cities and buildings.”

Here are 2019 aggregated data from the CDP and ICLEI unified reporting system (click to download the PDF):

Learn more about how to report through CDP and ICLEI’s unified reporting system here.