Manizales, Colombia, receiving climate compliance from ICLEI South America

Located in the coffee zone of Colombia, Manizales is working on its Climate Action Plan, which will establish what actions and goals are necessary for the city to be resilient.


The city of Manizales, Colombia, was chosen to receive direct support through the Urban-LEDS II project for the elaboration of their inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (GEE) and the climate risk and vulnerability studies.

These two activities are the diagnostic of the territory that will help the city to trace its mitigation and adaptation paths and will serve as a basis for the elaboration of the Manizales Climate Action Plan (PAC). The plan will bring local characteristics to establish what are the actions and goals necessary for the city to be resilient and be able to do sustainable urban planning. This document will also contain an action plan for urban cargo logistics related to the work in the city with the EcoLogistics project, also offered by ICLEI South America.

Called “climate compliance”, this whole process in Manizales is based on the Green Climate Cities methodology which defines the transition path towards a low carbon city, a green and inclusive urban economy, integrating these concepts in plans and processes of city development. The methodology proposes the development of this strategy through nine steps and provides guidelines, tools, support from experts and a network of implementing cities to support this process.

Manizales is located in the coffee zone of Colombia and has a population of approximately 400 thousand people. It has been associated with the ICLEI South America network since 1997 and executes the Urban-LEDS II and EcoLogistics projects since 2017 and 2018, respectively.

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