#DaringYouth session reminds urban leaders why they’re at Daring Cities 2020

Thanks to the likes of young global climate change activists, such as Greta Thunberg and Luisa Neubauer from Fridays for Future, UNFCCC Youth Focal Point Heeta Lakhini, and Ugandan activist Vanessa Nakate, the world now recognizes the importance of youth having a voice when it comes to climate action. So it’s fitting that one of 

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First ever Daring Cities Virtual Forum designed to both challenge and empower urban leaders to act against climate change

“Since the 2015 Paris Agreement, it has been clear that we are desperately behind. So forget about dealing with climate change by 2050. We need to aim for 2030. That gives us just 10 years to quickly accelerate and implement the measures agreed to at that summit.” Coming from Gino Van Begin, Secretary General of 

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Pittsburgh’s fight for clean air, water and growth

Pittsburgh has become the poster child for how to transition from highly impacted industrial town to a healthy and vibrant community. A city that has gone from having air quality and smog so bad that they had to leave the streetlights on 24 hours a day, to an area that has created more cleantech and 

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Turku’s advice on circularity? Imagine the possibilities. Then get started.

Turku, Finland, which is an active member of ICLEI’s Green Circular Cities Coalition, was a leading player in sessions dedicated to circularity over the past two days at COP25. And rightfully so. After committing to becoming carbon neutral by 2040 at the Paris Summit in 2015, the city has since challenged itself with an even 

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With shale companies threatening, Alliance more important than ever for Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto (second right) shares with the audience that regardless of what is decided at the federal level, implementation of SDG’s comes down to the local level. Having just recently committed to the UN’s SDGs – only the second US city do so – City of Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto came to COP25 

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Spotlight on nature’s critical value in the climate crisis

There’s an urgent need for cities to do a better job of protecting biodiversity, due to nature’s critical role both in combatting climate change and improving quality of life.  That was the overarching message at yesterday’s session on Integrating Biodiversity, Climate and Land Management at COP25. “We all know that the reduction of one-third of 

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Mayor Fernanda Hassem (centre) shares with the audience the many challenges the people of Brasiléia face due to climate change, as Mayor Surita of Boa Vista (left) and Mayor Chaves of Maranhão (right) look on.

Women mayor ‘warriors’ of the Amazon inspire COP25 delegates with stories of resilience

Mayor Fernanda Hassem (centre) shares with the audience the many challenges the people of Brasiléia face due to climate change, as Mayor Surita of Boa Vista (left) and Mayor Chaves of Maranhão (right) look on. “The federal government is neglecting the Amazon Rainforest. They’re not committed to the forest. And they’re leaving people who live 

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Early days of COP25 highlights plight of most vulnerable nations

While much of the world’s attention is focused on limiting the long-term effects of global warming, the kick-off to COP25 fittingly shined light on the monumental challenges the world’s most vulnerable nations already face – challenges brought on by everything from rising sea levels to extreme weather patterns.

A Game Changing Approach to Help African Cities Better Manage Their Natural Assets

While cities in sub-Saharan Africa are striving to protect and revitalize urban natural assets, such as river systems and coastal zones, capacity and resource constraints tend to hamper innovation and proactive planning. When implementing solutions to overcome the array of challenges that local governments face in managing their natural resources, a focus on human resources 

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Resilient Cities Don’t Fear Rainy Days

Lykke Leonardsen is constantly thinking about rainy days… even when it’s sunny outside. But you really can’t blame her. Ever since Copenhagen’s 100-year storm on July 2 of 2011,  which caused major flooding and extensive infrastructure damage, city officials such as Leonardsen, who heads Copenhagen’s program for Resilient and Sustainable City Solutions, have been preoccupied 

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