Discover life underwater in Malmö: Marine Education Center

Marine Education Center (Marinpedagogiskt Center) is a newly completed building by the beach in Malmö. In the center, visitors from schools in the region of Skåne get the opportunity to experience the sea of Öresund, its exciting history and marine life. There they can also learn more about the Sustainability Development Goals of the Agenda 

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Mainstreaming nature in Malawi: Bringing local-level knowledge to national decision-making

In a time when cities are bursting at the seams, policy reform is vital to protect ecosystems and build climate resilient cities that preserve urban nature. This three-part series will share three policy victories in Malawi where nature is being conserved and considered  in Lilongwe City, the country’s capital, and beyond. Lilongwe City is often 

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African leaders show strength of subnational governments at international Climate Chance Summit in Accra

The annual Climate Chance Summit in Accra, Ghana brought together thousands of subnational actors to discuss innovative ways to tackle climate change and create thriving, sustainable cities on the African continent. The event showcased and encouraged local government climate action on the ground and financing mechanisms to support these efforts.

Using the power of art to communicate on nature and climate

Most of the messages reaching us about environmental degradation and climate change have a looming, threatening rhetoric. Rising greenhouse gas emissions are melting glaciers, the world is experiencing mass extinctions, and extreme meteorological events linked to climate change are hitting communities throughout the world.

How local governments can lead the biodiversity movement: New ICLEI Global Ambassador for Local Biodiversity will shine a spotlight on local action

Over three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods while 1.6 billion people, including 70 million indigenous people, depend on forests for their livelihood. Nature underpins our very existence and livelihoods and is integral to the effective functioning and well-being of urban communities. The decline of the natural world, due to 

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Asian cities act on biodiversity on the road to 2020

In the last decade, the campus of Peking University in Beijing has recorded sightings of over 200 bird species – accounting for one seventh of all bird species in China. Cities are home to extraordinary amounts of animal and plant biological diversity. As cities work to develop comprehensive approaches to protecting these natural resources, the 

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The case of Toluca, Mexico: Integrating ecosystems services in urban planning

In the central-eastern region of Mexico, it is expected that by 2020 eighty-six percent of the population will live in cities. As the capital of the fifth largest Metropolitan Zone in Mexico, Toluca is working to improve livability in the face of this rapid urbanization, and nature is a key part of their approach. The 

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