Synchronize your calendar with ICLEI and LGMA events

Keep important events for ICLEI and the LGMA constituency, along with strategic and educational opportunities, right in your calendar! As of February 2019, the ICLEI World Secretariat is now maintaining a global events list that highlights political events (such as UNFCCC meetings), webinars (from our Advocacy team and more), and conferences that contribute to the world of sustainable urban development. This list is developed and actively updated with cooperation from the Regional Offices.

How to add ICLEI Events to your calendar: Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar, signing up for our list is as easy as clicking the link below. It should automatically open your Google Calendar and ask permission to add “ICLEI Events” as a calendar on your display. The calendar can be toggled on and off at any time.

Sign up here

How to add ICLEI Events to your calendar: Other clients

If you cannot use the option above, you can add ICLEI events by subscribing to our iCal feed. These files — iCal files — are an international standard for synchronizing calendar data. If you need advice on how to subscribe your client to our calendar, we recommend the following tutorials.

Tutorial for Outlook

Tutorial for iOS

If you already know how to use an iCal subscription, then simply download our .ical information at the link below.

ICLEI’s event calendar: iCal subscription

If you have any questions regarding ICLEI’s event calendar, please feel free to write us at