LFM30: a climate-neutral construction sector in Malmö by 2030

The construction sector accounts for more than 20% of Sweden’s total environmental impact. With the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030, Malmö is the first city in Sweden to have developed a local roadmap for a climate-neutral building and construction sector –LFM30.


Over the next 10–15 years, the City of Malmö plans to build approximately 28,500 new homes, extend municipal services and expand infrastructure. In addition to this, the city’s existing buildings will require routine maintenance and renovation.
To meet these construction needs in the most sustainable way, the City of Malmö is looking to improve the climate efficiency of its procurement, planning and construction. These improvements will help Malmö achieve its goal of climate-neutrality by 2030, an ambitious goal which requires competence, collaboration, and commitment.

In parallel with the government initiative Fossil-free Sweden, the construction industry in Malmö (initiated and supported by the City of Malmö) has developed a local roadmap for relevant actors in Malmö: LFM30 – The local roadmap for a climate-neutral building and construction sector in Malmö 2030.

The initiative operates as an economic association with 190 affiliated members, representing all construction sector actors from real estate owners, developers, contractors, consultants and architects, material suppliers to banks and organizations.


A nature-based and circular development

With the LFM30, construction in Malmö will embrace smart energy solutions and environmentally friendly material, acknowledging the long-term benefits of these All construction actors connected to LFM30 work to minimize the climate impact of buildings and facilities through design and material choice, with function, circularity and low climate footprint being prioritized.

Renewable and circular building materials are prioritized in all construction work and actors increase their collective demand for reused, recycled, renewable, resource-efficient, and climate-neutral materials.

Waste reduction is key in the LFM30 roadmap. Actors strive to minimize construction waste by recycling materials to get full circularity. In addition to this, by calculating estimates of a building’s climate impact in the design phase, actors can take construction decisions that also prevent the production of waste.


Parkering Malmö, one of 170 affiliated LFM30* actors, is building southern wooden parking garage in Sege Park, Malmö. The parking garage will contain several charging points for electric vehicles, solar cells, stormwater recycling, smart solutions for optimizing energy flows, plant-covered facades and more. Illustration:
Lloyd’s Arkitektkontor AB


A resilient and sustainable urban development for Malmö residents

Malmö’s urban development aims towards net zero initiatives, designs and innovations. When Malmö’s architecture embodies these aims, it strengthens the city’s attractiveness and distinctiveness over time. This, together with initiatives for sustainable mobility, social equity and ecosystem protection, creates a resilient city.. LFM30 bolsters this by reducing emissions and improving the business climate.

Strong ownership from the construction sector and the actors within its value chain is crucial for implementation. Therefore, the partners in LFM30 hope that the local roadmap will inspire more cities and business actors in Sweden to develop local roadmaps of their own to contribute to Sweden’s climate goals.



* Local roadmap for a climate-neutral building and construction sector in Malmö 2030.

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A Climate-Neutral Construction and Development Industry in Malmö
Method for Climate Budget

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Extra photo: City of Malmö, Gustav Kaiser.


Contact persons:

The City of Malmö: Josephine Nellerup josephine.nellerup@malmo.se

LFM30 board: Rikard Sjökvist rikard.sjokvist@midroc.se
LFM30 management team: Andreas Holmgren andreas.holmgren@ottobygg.se
LFM30 communications officer: Petter Andersson petter.andersson@lfm30.se