Itabashi Ward and Tokyo Metropolitan Government launched “e-Ride Tokyo”, a battery sharing project for EV motorcycles

Itabashi Ward and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a launching ceremony of battery sharing for EV motorcycles.

Itabashi Ward is located in the northwestern part of Tokyo’s 23 wards, with lowlands in the north and plateaus in the south. Itabashi Ward had been highlighted as a transportation hub, and public transportations like railroads, subways, and buses have been developed. On the other hand, with the declining birthrate and aging population, the transportation needs of people and goods are becoming more diverse. In order to address these issues and increase the attractiveness of the city, Itabashi Ward is promoting an environmentally smart city, the use of ICT that enables seamless transportation, and bicycle and car-sharing that is both environmentally friendly and economical.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been aiming to realize “Zero Emission Tokyo”, one of the ways in promoting zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) that does not emit CO2 and 100% of motorcycles sold in Tokyo will be non-gasoline vehicles by 2035. As a part of attempt to immediately accelerate and strengthen the project, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Itabashi Ward and related companies are working together to implement a battery sharing demonstration project. EV bikes not only reducing carbon emissions, they are also quitter when riding. At the same time, there is also the issue that the EV bike have a short range on a single charge and it takes time to recharge. To solve this issue, a battery sharing demonstration project is implemented.

On 14 December 2021, the launching ceremony for the first EV bike battery sharing project “e-Ride Tokyo” was held at the event space in Itabashi Ward Office in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Itabashi Ward, and related companies. After greetings from Tokyo Metropolitan Environment Bureau Director, Shoichi Kurioka and Mayor Ken Sakamoto Itabashi, and a videos message by Governor Yuriko Koike, a battery demo exchange and a photo session was held.

Itabashi Ward, collaborating with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is moving toward the future with aim of becoming a networked city that is friendly to people and the environment, comfortable, convenient, and sustainable.

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