Colombian cities kick off climate planning in 2021 with updated NDC in mind

The Colombian cities of Envigado and Manizales are starting off the year by updating their climate plans – called Integral Management Plans for Territorial Climate Change (PIGCCT). It is through these plans that territorial governing bodies and regional environmental authorities can identify and define objectives and actions for adapting and mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to be implemented.

In February 2021, the two cities held workshops that brought together key stakeholders including the focal points from Colombia’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, academia, environmental leaders and the private sector. Run through the Urban-LEDS II project, these workshops were also supported by ICLEI and UN-Habitat.

The results of the territory’s GHG inventory were presented along with an analysis of risk and climatic vulnerability in the area. These presentations helped identify potential adaptation and mitigation actions that could be incorporated into the updated PIGCCT.

“This is a crucial moment to update and build the Integral Management Plans for Territorial Climate Change for Envigado and Manizales, as Colombia is in the process of reassessing its objectives for the success of the Paris Agreement,” explains Camila Chabar, Regional Coordinator of Low Carbon Development at ICLEI South America. “At ICLEI we understand that countries can only achieve their climate goals if they take into account the actions, difficulties, and characteristics of local governments. Therefore, sustainable urban planning is of vital importance for the quality of life of all Colombian communities.” 

“For the national government, climate action in the cities is very important after the Colombian government approved its updated NDC, setting a goal of reducing GHG emissions by 51 percent by 2030,” said Santiago Uribe, Specialized Professional of the Directorate of Climate Change and Environmental Management and Sustainable Development of Colombia. “This ambitious goal will only be achieved if we join forces,” he continued. 

“What we want is, in tune with the ICLEI processes, every day, from the public and the private side, to make our contribution to this theme of climate action in a new arena,” said Juan José Orozco, Secretary of Environment and Agricultural Development of Envigado.

As a next step in the process of updating these climate plans, sectorial interviews will be conducted to broaden the information being collected and fed into climate action planning.

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