#7 Days to Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific: Why are Southeast Asian local governments joining Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific 2015?

150205_rcap1“To gain insights on climate change resilience strategies and to be able to formulate local programs to make our municipality climate change resilient.” –Mayor Ruben Paoad, Tublay





150205_rcap2“To learn insights, innovations or models undertaken by developed cities to climate change adaptation and resiliency which we may replicate, as applicable to our situation; and to explore some opportunities and strong partnership with donor communities in building climate change resiliency.” –Mayor Maria Fe Abunda, Borongan City





150205_rcap3“Bacnotan is honored and privileged to be a Member of ICLEI. It widens our horizon as we aspire to be a climate change-resilient community and learn best practices from other local governments and countries… resiliency is what keeps sustainable development ‘sustainable’.” –Acting Mayor Francisco Angelito L. Fontanilla, Bacnotan





150205_rcap4“To acquire more knowledge and skills by learning together, for a resilient Municipality of La Trinidad.” –Mayor Edna C. Tabanda, La Trinidad





150205_rcap5Climate change is a game changer. After Typhoon Haiyan, our leadership of the city has been climate-defined and constantly tested… My game plan is “Climate Proofing and Future Proofing My City” through the following strategies: strong collaboration with civic community-based organizations, leveraging of global logistics via networking, and addressing our development gaps by opening up investment opportunities. At the same time, we hope that our climate change mitigation and adaptation experiences be a ‘well of knowledge’ for other cities.” — Mayor Stephany Uy-Tan, Catbalogan City