Voices in the Corridor: 9 June 2015

This post is part of our live blog series from the Resilient Cities 2015 congress. For more live blogs, please click here.

Question: If you could make one change in every city tomorrow, what would it be?

perlyn-pulhin-resilient-cities-2015“I would make sure that city authorities understand how relevant it is for planning and resilience to listen to the climate science.”

Perlyn Pulhin // Program Manager, The OML Center CC Adaptation & Disaster Management, the Philippines



freddy-aucamp-resilient-cities-2015“Run an environmental awareness campaign, because too few people are aware of the impacts of climate change.”

Freddie Aucamp // Divisional Head, Environmental Strategy & Planning, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa



maija-bertule-resilient-cities-2015“Add more green spaces and green infrastructure everywhere.”

Maija Bertule // Program Advisor, UNEP-DHI, Denmark





german-velasquez-resilient-cities-2015“Improve accountability.”

Jerry Velasquez // Chief, Advocacy & Outreach, UNISDR, Switzerland





molly-hellmuth-resilient-cities-2015“Ensuring that everyone has access to basic services, including safe housing, water, and reliable electricity.”

Molly Hellmuth // Senior Climate Risk Expert, ICF International, United States 




mabala-samuel-resilient-cities-2015“Ensuring that everybody is aware about the danger of mismanaging the environment.”

Mabala Samuel // Country Team Leader, Uganda Office, Cities Alliance, Belgium




simon-ratcliffe-resilient-cities-2015“From a climate perspective the most important action would be to make sure that all new buildings adhere to passive house standards.”

Simon Ratcliffe // Energy Advisor, Department for International Development, United Kingdom



julieta-anabel-leo-lozano-resilient-cities-2015“I would see to it that cities receive more information and education about the consequences of climate change, because to make change happen we need motivation from society.”

Julieta Anabel Leo Lozano // Officer, Strategic Studies on Environment and Energy, Centro Mario Molina, Mexico


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