Our top 5 tweets of Day 2

Here are our top 5 tweets from today:

No relatively #ResilientCities can guarantee to be resilient tomorrow. Resilience is a process. – Donovan Storey @UNESCAP

#resilience is not just bouncing back, it is the ability to grow and prosper despite the shocks and falls – Cristina del Rio @RockefellerFdn

Cities are in the front lines of climate impact. Should also be at the forefront of building resilience. #ResilientCities @donkaveh1

Lots can be done with limited resources if only we learn the art of leveraging those resources – Kyaw Thu @UNHABITAT  #ResilientCities

Gender equality not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. Brianna F. @USAIDAsia at #ResilientCities Congress

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