ICLEI South Asia Regional Executive Committee election: call for candidates

The election process for ICLEI South Asia’s new Regional Executive Committee or RexCom (2021 – 2024) is well underway. The RexCom represents ICLEI Membership from South Asia and makes decisions on policy to be applied in the region. It also designates a regional representative to the ICLEI Global Executive Committee (GexCom) from among its ranks.

Elected for a three-year term, the RexCom has five members and can have a certain number of special advisors. Each RexCom member will support one of ICLEI’s five development pathways of Low Emission Development, Resilient Development, Circular Development, Nature-Based Development, and Equitable and People-Centred Development. Two of the RexCom members are elected Chair and Vice-Chair.

We invite all eligible candidates to send in their applications by August 15, 2020. In order to be eligible to be a part of the RexCom, the candidate should preferably be an elected or appointed political leader from an eligible ICLEI Member within the region, and be willing to sign and act according to the Code of Honour. A list of candidates for the RexCom would be proposed from among candidacies received by the Regional Director and the ICLEI Secretary-General, after appropriate consultations with the incumbent RexCom, and/or Members in the region.

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