ICLEI Links: 1 August 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of ICLEI Links, our roundup of sustainability-related news and commentary from around the web!

City Stories

Lessons from Seoul: why Liverpool needs an open data platform

Vegetarian Cities Are Not the Worst Idea

The soup revolution: changing cities over dinner, from Detroit to Liverpool

Climate Change Stories

English cities should have the power to introduce low emission zones

Where are the world’s most water-stressed cities?

Can ‘sponge cities’ solve China’s urban flooding problem?

Energy Stories

First hybrid wind and solar farm built in Australia

UK’s Biggest Coal Station Now Runs Mainly on Biomass

Solar Plane Team Plans to Develop Drones After Record Flight

Global Policy Stories

Paris Agreement update: A possible “entry in force” this year

Are the Habitat III talks on the brink of collapse?

Green finance in G20 agenda for the first time

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