City-to-City Collaboration for Low-Carbon Society between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) have made a relationship as member cities of the “Asian Network of Major Cities 21 (ANMC21)” established in 2001 and as members of the C40 (Cities Climate Leadership Group).  Both cities are known internationally for their strong interest in this field: TMG has announced its commitment to achieve zero carbon by 2050, and DBKL has been aiming to achieve carbon-neutral ready by 2040 and carbon-neutral by 2050.

TMG has been supporting DBKL’s capacity-building efforts in policymaking and implementation of low-carbon buildings on develop a new low-carbon system (T2KLLCS) by offering its knowledge with due consideration of DBKL’s interests, contexts and requirement.

This T2KLLCS Webinar 2021 was held to introduce the project on the 5th of February.

After the greetings by the project officials, Yunus of ICLEI World Secretariat expressed his hope for this project toward decarbonization, and the project officials from TMG and DBKL presented their activities and achievements.

During the question and answer session, many questions were given about the efforts of the TMG and DBKL, and at the end of the session, Yunus commented, “I want to show that ICLEI can cooperate with Malaysia to realize advanced examples such as Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur in other cities. I hope that ICLEI will work with Malaysia to show that other cities can follow the example of Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.”