ALP Webinar: How Benchmarking Saves Energy in Buildings

The Asia LEDS Partnership (ALP), hosted by ICLEI South Asia in partnership with other ICLEI regional offices in Asia, organised a webinar on ‘Energy Benchmarking to realise improved Energy Efficiency in Buildings’ in September. This was the fourth in a series of webinars organised under the Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) Community of Practice (CoP).

Energy benchmarking helps cities to use building energy information to assess performance and to design and implement policies and programmes for energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings. Benchmarking data can also support setting locally appropriate targets for new buildings.

The session highlighted opportunities that energy benchmarking offers to cities to advance building efficiency. Experiences and insights from benchmarking efforts in the region, including from India and China, were shared with the participants to support the replication of similar initiatives. The recording of the webinar can be accessed here.

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