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5 reasons to embrace the bicycle as Malmö pedals forward – a leading cycling city

By Lucas Dietrichson, Communication Strategist, City of Malmö

The Copenhagenize index ranked Malmö in 2017 as the 5th most bicycle-friendly city in the world. Here are five reasons why people prefer to get around by bike.

In Malmö, cycling is the easiest and fastest way to move around the city. It is a natural part of residents’ everyday life. Since 2003, the number of cycling trips made in the city has doubled. Today, one in four journeys are made by bicycle and by 2030 the proportion should increase to almost one in three journeys.

With plenty of safe and secure cycling infrastructure, Malmö is a cyclist’s heaven. A total of 530 km of bike lanes and 140 bicycle crossings ensure cyclists a simpler and safer everyday life out and about in the city.

Photo: Apelöga/City of Malmö

The City of Malmö is constantly making cycling even better and easier. Here are five examples.

1. Expanding cycling infrastructure. Right now, the first “super cycle” routes are underway, allowing for high-comfort, convenient bicycle commuting, from outlying areas into the city center.

2. Increasing the level of service for cyclists. Malmö boasts two bicycle service stations, around 40 public bicycle pumps, bike lanes at traffic light intersections and evermore bike racks so cyclists can safely lock their bike around the city.

3. Securing parking at three train stations. The City of Malmö offer safe and secure bike parking at its Bike & Ride facilities. Totaling 6,000 bicycle parking spaces, there is ample room and also possibility to park bikes in sections that are weatherproof and CCTV monitored.

4. Renting bikes via ‘Malmö by bike’. A total of 1,000 rental bikes and 100 stations are currently located in the city. You’ll see ‘Malmö by bike’ bicycles everywhere on the city streets.

5. Collaborating with companies. ‘Malmö Works’ is an initiative to promote sustainable travel for employees at companies located in the city. In addition, all employees in the City of Malmö may soon be offered a bicycle as a benefit.


So if you want to save time, money and CO2, get on your bike!


Contact: Jesper Nordlund, traffic planner/bicycle coordinator, City of Malmö

Email: jesper.nordlund@malmo.se

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