Local leaders and citizens build a world of local action

Today, Mayor Park Won Soon, the citizens of Seoul and the congress delegates led a march which demonstrated the power of local action initiatives. One great example of a citizen-driven initiative is the newly launched “11 Promises of Seoul”. The Promise of Seoul outlines eleven concrete pledges from the citizens to promote sustainability and fight climate change.

The march aimed to inject fresh momentum into the Paris 2015 processes by highlighting the political will and commitment of local leaders to make their cities more sustainable. It also built an important bottom up dynamic in the run up to Paris.

“Cities can lead the way towards a better, more sustainable urban future. Our world is in an ecological crisis that is nearing the point of no return. But we must not give up. Our world is worth saving and now is our moment to act. But to change everything, we need everyone. Be with us as we demonstrate our actions, our will and our commitment to sustainability, ” said Mayor Park Won Soon.

The march took place along the car-free streets of the iconic DDP plaza.

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