For a resilient Melaka, and Asia Pacific

Photo: Vani Manocha
Photo: Vani Manocha

They say: A visit to Malaysia is incomplete without a visit to Melaka.

The city that is a fine blend of traditional Portuguese-influenced architecture and some modern, recent swanky buildings has everything that could leave its visitors asking for more of the serene Melaka. From the weekend night market to museums and glittering trishaws, much at this UNESCO heritage site makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia Pacific.

But that is not all. The “Pearl of the Orient” Melaka is also a city that wants to preserve its environment and make its people resilient to climate vagaries. The organisation of Resilient Cities Asia Pacific at a scale where experts and dignitaries, including the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Chief Minister of Melaka will deliberate on issues of urban resilience is a testimony to the state’s enthusiasm to address and fight the challenges of climate change.

Melaka is also the first is the first state in Malaysia to prepare a GHG emissions inventory and implement an action plan to contribute to the national climate change mitigation target. The inventory would now be extended to four urban governance bodies in the state.

As Melaka gears up to host the its 16th International Convention on Melaka Twin Cities, in collaboration with ICLEI, we hope that the outcomes of the three-day session help pave way for a better, resilient Asia Pacific.

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