Cities in Action: Itu’s Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

The City of Itu is taking a proactive stance on sustainability. An Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, which has been in operation since 2009 through a public-private partnership, aims to dispose of municipal waste in a socially inclusive, economically effective and environmentally sound way, as well as encouraging the reuse, recycling and recovery of resources.

Household waste is disposed of through a network of 3,600 containers present in approximately 90% of the city. These containers collect 4,500 tons of solid waste per month.

The Plan has also resulted in the selective collection of approximately 300 tons of recyclable household waste per month from 73% of all households and 80% of the urban area.

The Integrated Waste Management Plan represents a huge step forward in municipal solid waste management. Its implementation has enabled the municipality to reduce its environmental impact, promote a better quality of life, and consolidate actions towards sustainability with the support and participation of society.

For instance, the use of organic pesticides by the municipality in the maintenance of city parks and gardens avoids the disposal of toxic chemicals in landfill and the contamination of local ecosystems. Through the environmental education of local communities, the Plan has also encouraged reflections on the culture of waste and the current patterns of production and consumption, as well as on the quality of the urban environment and the conservation of natural resources.

For more information, please visit the City of Itu website.


Photo © Simone Miketen

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