ICLEI Links: 5 February 2016

City Stories

In Habitat’s Birthplace, New Vancouver Declaration Emerges on Gender and Indigenous Rights

Managing Diversity and Affordability to Make Cities More Livable

Why Commutes Aren’t Twice as Long in Cities with Twice the Population

From Durban to Boulder, a Quest for Climate Resilience at City Scale

The End of the Nation-State?

Climate Change Stories

“Occupied” Norway a Window into our Fossil Fuel Addiction

We Print Money to Bail out Banks. Why Can’t We Do it to Solve Climate Change?

Warming Ups Odds And Costs of Extreme U.K. Rains

The Commons is the Future: Rediscovering a Paradigm Beyond States and Markets

Energy Stories

A Whirlwind Tour of Wind Energy Myths

Arctic Community Chooses Clean Energy

Morocco Unveils A Massive Solar Power Plant In The Sahara

The Surging Tide of Clean Energy Worldwide

Accelerating Access to Electricity in Africa with Off-grid Solar

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