ICLEI Links: 29 January 2016

City Stories

5 Ways to Help Mayors Build Sustainable Urban Transportation

Mapping the Worldwide City Populations 1950-2030

Amazing Things Happened When New Delhi Halved the Number of Cars on the Road

These Major Cities Prove Going Green Is Not Only Possible But Profitable

Why Metropolitan Governance Matters a lot More Than You Think

The Most Comprehensive Map of a City’s Carbon Footprint Ever

Climate Change Stories

Costs of Climate Change Will Cut Growth and Create Conflict

Climate Change and Refugees: Adaptation is the key to preventing displacement

Taking Stock of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

The Best Thing a Business Could do for the Environment is Shut Down

Energy Stories

Memo to the Financial Markets: Cheap Oil is Great

Hydrogen, Hydrogen Everywhere…

Investors Have A Big Opportunity for Accelerating Clean Energy

Doubling Today’s Share of Renewable Energy Can Bring Economy up to $1.3 trillion: IRENA Report

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