ICLEI Links: 10 April 2015

ICLEI Stories

100 Mayors adopt Seoul Declaration for sustainable cities

Seoul City Mayor elected as new ICLEI President

Landmark ICLEI World Congress opens in Seoul

Tackling the energy transition is only possible with the active role of cities: Asian launch of the DistrictEnergy in Cities Initiative and Flagship Report at ICLEI World Congress 2015

ICLEI World Congress 2015: A time for action!

City Stories

 PJ is Malaysia’s National Earth Hour Capital winner this year

Thane named India’s Earth Hour Capital

Vancouver commits to run on 100% renewable energy

Sandton roads to close for fest in Oct

Toronto’s underground city: a solution to crowded megacities?

Energy Stories

Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels?

New international framework for disaster risk reduction mentions importance of Space technologies

Renewable Energy Met 15% of EU  Energy Demand in 2013

New energy storage plant could ‘revolutionise’ renewable sector

UNEP Global Trends Report: New Solar and Wind Installations Hit Record High in 2014

Costa Rica has been running with only renewable energy for nearly 3 months

Spacehus sets a new standard for energy efficient homes

Climate Change Stories

The White House wants to explore how climate change makes you sick

Are we reaching a positive climate change tipping point?

Northern fires caused almost a quarter of global forest loss, study shows

Japan to pledge 20% CO2 cut – reports

IFAD supports livestock marketing and climate resilience in Sudan

Taiwan launches water rationing to fight drought

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