ICLEI Links: 24 October 2014

Welcome to our new blog feature! ICLEI Links gathers links on a variety of topics directly or indirectly related to ICLEI’s work. We hope you find them interesting – and be sure to check back every Friday for the next roundup. To stay up to date on all ICLEI news, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


Johannesburg takes up the challenge of a car-free city

ICLEI Calls to Connect the Dots on Climate Action

ICLEI Secretary General interviews Mayor of Bristol

Korea Today reports on the Biodiversity Summit for Cities and Subnational Governments (Video)

And, of course, we relaunched our blog!

City News

How do cities get smarter?

Assessing the urban impacts of climate change

World News

Improved cookstoves for East Africa (Video)

An interview with Peru’s environmental minister on COP20 

Climate Change News

2014 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record

The UK’s chief scientist says that oceans face a growing risk from man-made carbon emissions

A time-lapse video of Arctic sea ice through summer 2014 (Video)

Energy News

A look at India’s energy demands

Will wind power provide 17-19% of global electricity by 2030?


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