This statement is endorsed by the ICLEI President and ICLEI’s Global Executive Committee

War is the most unsustainable act of human beings on this planet.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability urgently calls on all national leaders to stop the armed conflict and to settle for a peaceful resolution in accordance with the UN Charter and the Convention on Human Rights.
ICLEI expresses its solidarity and support for all those affected, in particular those innocent families and children suffering in Ukraine, but also people in Russia and across the region who will face severe negative impacts.

Wars and armed conflicts not only bring an unnecessary loss of human lives and strife, but also prevent humanity from addressing the enormous global challenges we have to face in climate change, general ecosystem crisis and securing a good life for future generations.
We are convinced that only the respect for international law, agreements and a strong multilateral governance will enable us to address conflicts. War and armed conflict aggravate these crises and make no contribution to solving them.

We call on our Members, in particular the local and regional governments in neighboring countries and in Europe, to support Ukrainian citizens and those who seek refuge, with all measures of solidarity and humanitarian aid.

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