ICLEI Links: 17 April

ICLEI Stories

Seoul announced as 2015 Earth Hour City Challenge Capital

Major announcements to drive transformative climate action unveiled ahead of 2015 Paris Climate Conference

Launches, marches and mobile workshops: World Congress Day 3 highlights

ICLEI World Congress 2015 closes with focus on extending partnerships

ICLEI at 2nd Preparatory Committee Meeting of HABITATIII

HABITATII 1996 – Refreshing institutional memories

City Stories

Seoul to adopt urban agriculture by introducing ‘vertical farms’

RMS commends Tokyo’s ’50 percent initiative’ for setting targets to reduce disaster casualties

Bolton begins LED rollout

How drinking water pipes can also deliver electric power

Energy Stories

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables

Why low carbon refurbishment is crucial for building sustainable cities

BP dropped green energy projects worth billions to focus on fossil fuels

Scrap fossil fuel subsidies now and bring in carbon tax, says World Bank chief

Big energy companies operating behind ‘smokescreen of sustainability’ – GetUp

LEED for fleets? New standard to rev up greener commercial vehicles

Second NER 300 low-carbon project kicks off

Ecotricity ‘black box’ aims to bring green energy storage to the home

Climate Change Stories

Countries submit climate action pledges ahead of Paris agreement

Agricultural biotechnology for climate change mitigation and adaptation

India: ‘Everyday disasters’ driving flight from Sundarbans

African islands meet to address climate change and disaster risk challenges

Oilsands emissions at forefront of Quebec climate march

Forests can soak up a third of carbon emissions

When it comes to carbon pricing, time is money

Pushing Earth beyond its natural limits – in pictures

Big business using trade groups to lobby against EU climate policy

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