TAP the potential of local climate action!

Today the new Transformative Actions Program (TAP) was launched to improve access to existing capital flows to cities and regions, as well as to catalyze and accelerate additional capital flows from public and private investors.

Gino Van Begin, Secretary General of ICLEI, commented: “The Transformative Actions Program is the result of an inclusive and cooperative effort by networks of local and subnational governments to accelerate implementation of climate action. The TAP seeks to scale up direct investments and increased engagement in national and global mechanisms focusing on capacity building, technology transfer and finance, supported by national government and by financing institutions that can fund accelerated action.”

He added: “The TAP has been created by the networks of local and subnational governments, and will support and inform the Compact of Mayors and the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance. This is a joint effort to support investment in urban areas over the next ten years.”

The TAP has four action pillars:

  • TAP project pipeline: a collection of up to 100 “TAP projects” that are selected every year, and presented at the annual UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP). Two project types are called for – “Fast-track Transformers” and “Post-2020 Transformers”.
  • An online TAP Platform, to centralize TAP projects and offer visibility as basic facilitation to financing institutions. This platform can be used by for cities and regions to present their transformative actions in a structured, unified format to potential funders.
  • The TAP Pavilion, which will provide a physical space for exchange; and
  • Ongoing advocacy to increase awareness about the potential of transformative, subnational climate action, in support of national climate action.

The first TAP Pavilion will be held at the UN Climate Conference (COP21) in November/December 2015. High-level representatives of local and subnational authorities will address key messages to national delegations and financing institutions.

Visit the newly launched TAP website at www.tap-potential.org

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