ICLEI Links: 15 January 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of ICLEI Links, our roundup of sustainability-related news and commentary from around the web!

City Stories

TED Radio Hour: Building Better Cities

How powerful will the UK’s new metro mayors be?

Suburbs Are Urban Places, Too

Mayor of Paris remains committed to the struggle to reclaim her city from the car

Tijuana flooding exposes city’s infrastructure needs

How some Western American cities are leading on climate action

Are cities ready for self-driving cars? Nope.

Climate Change Stories

The 7 Most Interesting Climate Findings of the Year

Could artificial trees be part of the climate change solution?

Supporting Local Finance Solutions for Climate Change

Obama slams climate deniers in State of the Union, and gets greens kind of excited

Climate Change — Threat and Opportunity for Private Sector

Next stop for Paris climate deal: the courts

Energy Stories

Here comes the sun: Indian consumers go solar as costs plunge

Stop Wasting America’s Hydropower Potential

As Oil Crashed, Renewables Attracted Record $329 Billion

Take a hint, “clean coal.” The world is so over you

Solar Impulse team floats plan to build solar drones after round-the-world journey

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