Urban95 Children’s Fest, Anganwadi Training in Udaipur: Review Shows Positive Reception

ICLEI South Asia organised a two-day festival for children in the 0-5 age group as part of the tactical interventions under the Urban95 project in Udaipur in early 2020. The festival was organised to build confidence among the care-givers of the children about the plans of the Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) to provide better urban infrastructure for small children, and to demonstrate that neglected parks could be transformed into ITC-responsive zones by introducing activities and by improving the built environment.

The festival was attended by 1400 children from 14 preschools and playschools and 14 anganwadi centres. About 100 more children and their parents participated in the event, which was well-received by all stakeholders, including officials from the UMC, Udaipur Smart City Limited and the Integrated Child Development Services department.

A video and detailed report on the implementation of this tactical intervention are available.

As a part of the project activities, ICLEI South Asia also organised four training sessions for the anganwadi workers, conducted by an Early Childhood Development expert. Different modules were organised during the sessions, aimed at developing a holistic approach on the significance of early growth and development, proper health, and nutrition and nurturing care for children by including the immediate surroundings and built environments at anganwadis, homes and community surroundings. The training sessions, attended by 280 anganwadi workers and two supervisors, were conducted with the objectives of understanding the needs of children between 0-6 years; developing classroom routines and activities specific to nutrition and health using early childhood development principles; and understanding the role of anganwadi workers in ensuring a safe and stimulating environment for small children.

A detailed report and video of the training sessions are available.


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