ICLEI Links: 30 October 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of ICLEI Links, our roundup of sustainability-related news and commentary from around the web!

City Stories

From New York to Seoul: 10 of the Best Designs for Water-stressed Cities (PHOTOSTORY)

Driverless Robot Taxis to Be Tested in Japanese Town

Native Women Green the Outskirts of the City, Feed Their Families

Canada Could Learn Some Lessons from Denmark about Climate Change Adaptation

The Big Disconnect – the Physical and Mental Implications of not Spending Enough Time Outdoors (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Case for Completely Redrawing the Arrondissements of Paris

The Annual – Selected Blog Posts from cityminded.org

Climate Change Stories

And Now for Some Good News About Climate Change

After the VW Scandal, How Can We Trust Business to Act on Climate Change?

The Countries that Will Be So Hot by 2100 Humans Won’t Be Able to Go Outside

Solving Climate Change: The 12-year-old’s Charter

Energy Stories

How Super Low Natural Gas Prices are Reshaping How We Get our Power

World Set to Use More Energy for Cooling than Heating

Germany Pays the Price for Switching off Nuclear Power

Paris Climate Deal to Ignite a $90 trillion Energy Revolution


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