Data Analysis Shows Positive Impact of Urban95 Intervention in Udaipur Community Area

ICLEI South Asia implemented a tactical intervention under the Urban95 programme in Udaipur in December 2019, to provide opportunities to young children and their caregivers to engage in vibrant and engaging surroundings.

Visually compelling urban streetscape, which can have a positive emotional impact, was created under the intervention at Nayion Ki Talai Chowk. The initiative was well-received by stakeholders such as the city authorities, the deputy mayor (who is also the ward councillor), local residents, schoolchildren, and their caregivers. Following its implementation, the ICLEI South Asia team studied and documented the impact of the tactical intervention based on comparative sample user counts photo and video documentation, and surveys.

A before-and-after study of the data shows an increase in the footfall of the primary target audience, i.e., small children and their caregivers, following the intervention. Comparative activity mapping also shows an increase in the number of activities the users engage in. Several rounds of interviews were conducted with residents, parents, and teachers from schools in the area during and after the implementation to get their views and experiences regarding the revamped chowk.

A video of the implementation of this tactical intervention can be accessed here, while a detailed report is available here.

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