100 percent renewable energy is an imperative

Berlin, Germany voted to divest its €750 million public pension from oil, coal and gas companies, while Stockholm, Sweden, Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, California have joined a growing number of cities making similar commitments. Meanwhile, cities are also exploring ways to meet their energy needs entirely with renewable sources. Vancouver, Canada aims to hit 

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How cities are advancing climate action under the New Urban Agenda

The New Urban Agenda establishes a vision for sustainable urbanization that requires strong action on climate. If we are to eradicate poverty, build sustainable and inclusive economies and achieve environmental sustainability, then mitigating urban emissions and building resilience are critical steps in the process. After all, cities are responsible for over 70 percent of global 

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Cities in Action: Medellin Blooms with Life

Moravia is a hill formed from solid waste disposal in an uncontrolled landfill located in Medellin, Colombia. Since the 1980s, a human settlement that has been established on it has generated significant social tensions because of its environmental degradation, urban overcrowding and public health problems. Because of these mounting issues, the City of Medellin has 

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