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“Local climate action is crucial in fighting climate change”. A message from ICLEI President David Cadman

World leaders are gathering in New York next week to attend the Climate Summit 2014. Convened by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Summit aims to mobilize political will and galvanize climate action. Among its eight key action areas are cities – a clear indication of the crucial role we have in fighting climate change. 

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Stockholm is giving 100% to be a clean sustainable capital by 2050

In 2010 Stockholm was selected as the first European Green Capital. Ambitious mitigation goals include cutting CO2 emissions by 44% by next year and being 100% powered by renewables by 2050. The Action Program on Climate Change includes a number of measures, from a Clean Vehicle target to the phasing-out of all fossil fuels by 

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Quezon City lights up sustainability. More green, less waste, better use of energy

65% of Quezon City’s electric consumption is for streetlights. The city government adopted a plan to increase energy efficiency, under a World Bank-sponsored programme. Growing 2,8-million Quezon City updated its Land Use Plan to balance urban development with the preservation of its green spaces. The night sky in Quezon City is dotted by blue, orange 

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New York gets ready for future Sandy-like storms

New York’s climate adaptation plan is one of the most scientifically accurate in the world. The city government has funded 250 projects for a total of $19,5 billion. New York State has a number of mitigation programs, including a cap-and-invest program to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% before 2050. In October 2012 hurricane Sandy hit 

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Imbalance in rain patterns and poor water management are the biggest challenges for Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is growing very fast, putting more and more pressure on water resources. Climate change will increase flood risks in the city, while droughts in neighboring regions will trigger higher migration rates. The Water & Sewerage Authority is trying to improve water and sanitation conditions, but Addis Ababa needs a comprehensive climate adaptation plan. 

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