The Top 10: Quotes from ICLEI’s #Climate2014

"The UN Climate Summit has given the world a catalyst. Now is the time to react and take the time now between now and Lima and Paris to transform the energy generated in New York City towards a clear path to carbon neutrality. To paraphrase Christiana Figueres, all of us, we have to engage and bring all of our will for a liveable, sustainable future for generations to come".
David Cadman, ICLEI President


"The Climate Summit 2014 marks a new peak in the journey of globally coordinated local climate action. We, ICLEI, together with our cities and partners, are committed to act urgently and cooperate intensively to help ensure that we reach a meaningful climate agreement".
Gino Van Begin, ICLEI Secretary General


"The Compact of Mayors could be exemplary for the rest of the world – and which could support the efforts of cities to construct together a better future scenario for generations to come".
Gustavo Petro, mayor of Bogotá, Colombia


"The Compact of Mayors and its central reporting repository carbonn Climate Registry are the result of an unprecedented collaboration among cities networks. This cooperative effort towards a transparent, standardized approach for all cities is an example to the world of what international cooperation can look like, and the impact an agreement of this scope can have".
Park Won-Soon, Mayor of Seoul, Korea


"Carbonn Climate Registry represents the ultimate level of our collective efforts, which ICLEI is proud to lead".
Jürgen Nimptsch, Mayor of Bonn, Germany


"My ambition is not small. I want to save the world’s climate, starting with Bristol, the European Green Capital 2015, and I am prepared to work with fellow Mayors to drive climate action across every nook and corner of the globe".
George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, UK


"We have to do what we can, as mayors, to save the world".
Frank Cownie, Mayor of Des Moines, IA, United States


"Cities are home to the majority of humankind and more than ever a beacon of hope when it comes to climate change".
Michael Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change


"Our cities are already developing sustainable, lasting and economic solutions to address the issue of climate change".
Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, France


"We hope that the Compact of Mayors will set an ambitious example for national leaders to follow".
Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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