ICLEI Links: 16 January 2015

Welcome to the latest edition of ICLEI Links, our roundup of sustainability-related news and commentary from around the web! Thanks to all on Twitter and elsewhere for sharing.


Earth Hour City Challenge winners to be announced at ICLEI World Congress 2015

Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo win 2015 Sustainable Transport Award

City News

Copenhagen bicycle “super highways” push regional cooperation to a new level

Styrofoam to be banned in New York City starting in July

City Accelerator Guide for Embedding Innovation in Local Government

Urbanization and the rise of the city – a data visualization

Paris mayor announces plans for a car-free city centre, plus €100m for bike lanes

Energy News

New Wind Turbine That Looks Like A Tree Is Coming To Paris

Caribbean island says goodbye diesel and hello 100% renewable electricity

World’s largest indoor farm 100 times more productive than outdoor agriculture

Did the USA hit “peak car”?

How the world burns: fuel consumption compared

REmap 2030 – A Renewable Energy Roadmap

Climate Change News

Climate change recognised as global human rights issue

Do volcanoes explain the slowdown in global warming?

Use Your Power – Earth Hour 2015 (VIDEO)

Environmental regulations may not cost as much as governments and businesses fear