Advocacy and ICLEI events affected by COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many in-person events relating to local and regional governments and sustainability have been cancelled, postponed or in some way impacted.

ICLEI is compiling a list of events affected by the pandemic that are relevant to our network. This list will be updated regularly based on the latest information available.

All UNFCCC Secretariat physical meetings and events, scheduled between 6 March and the end of April are postponed or cancelled.

The EU Covenant of Mayors Ceremony, scheduled for 4 March 2020 in Brussels, Belgium, was canceled.

UNFCCC Adaptation Committee Meeting, scheduled for 24-27 March, will be taken online on its original dates.

NAP Expo 2020, scheduled for 30 March-3 April in Gaborone, Botswana, is postponed with a new date to be determined.

UN CBD Workshop for Subnational Governments on their role in the delivery of the CBD Post-2020 framework, scheduled for 1-3 April in Glasgow, Scotland is under reconsideration, with potential for a longer, online consultation process.

Africa Climate Week, scheduled for 20-24 April in Kampala, Uganda, is postponed, with a new date to be determined.

Earth Day, 22 April 2020, has been re-envisioned as a digital event.

UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference, scheduled for 5-7 May in Beijing, China, is postponed with a new date to be determined.

RISE Africa 2020, scheduled for 25-26 May in Cape Town, South Africa, will be taken online in a new format.

UN Ocean Conference 2020, scheduled for 2-6 June in Lisbon, Portugal, is postponed, with a new date to be determined.

Daring Cities 2020, scheduled for 3-5 June in Bonn, Germany, is being reconsidered for alternative formats.

European Music Forum, scheduled for 4-7 June in Bonn, Germany, is cancelled.

Beyond 2020, the World Sustainable Built Environment Conference, scheduled for 9 – 11 June in Gothenburg, Sweden, is postponed.

IUCN World Conservation Congress, scheduled for 11-19 June in Marseille, France, is being re-considered by organizers.

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), scheduled for 22-27 June in Kigali, Rwanda, is so far proceeding as planned, but organizers are monitoring the guidance from the World Health Organization to guide decision-making on the event.

European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns, scheduled for 30 Sep – 2 October in Mannheim, Germany, is so far proceeding as planned.

Additional resources:

To stay up-to-date on all the changes to major advocacy and ICLEI related events, tune in to the monthly LGMA Advocacy webinars, hosted by ICLEI’s Director of Global Advocacy Yunus Arikan for the most updated and comprehensive source of information in global advocacy agenda of local and regional governments. You can view the 24 March 2020 webinar on-demand and download the slides, or register for the 15 April 2020 webinar in the morning (CEST) or afternoon (CEST).

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