Redefining City Life through Equity in Climate Action

When thinking of transformative climate actions, one should imagine the many aspects of city life that can be redefined. Transformative climate actions are not exclusively technical – they go well beyond divesting from fossil fuels and erecting barriers to mitigate flood risks. Climate actions can have myriad environmental, social and economic benefits that transform the 

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TAPplications: The Ecologist City of Jambi, Indonesia

This blog series presents some of the applications to the Transformative Actions Program, to show you how cities are “tapping” their potential for sustainability. For more information on the TAP, please visit the website. Jambi City (or Kota Jambi) is the capital city of Jambi province in Eastern Sumatra, Indonesia. The city is a busy 

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4 days to Lima: Great news from Bogor

At the COP20, ICLEI will continue to represent the interests of local governments and highlight their achievements. Here we focus on progress in the city of Bogor. Urban-LEDS Model City Bogor, in Indonesia, just announced that its city council has committed to allocating about 12 million USD (IDR 147.067 Milyar) to improve sustainable low emission 

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Traffic-jammed Bogor City makes way for bikes and pedestrian

Bogor City is known as one of the most traffic-congested cities in Indonesia. Sustainable transport within the city is one of its top priorities, which is why the city launched a “Walkability Campaign” aimed at promoting sustainable forms of transport, thus reducing GHG emissions and air pollution. The “Walkability Campaign” is a project of the 

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