Pasto Arq. Jairo Moreno

TAPplications: Pasto Creates “Street Superblocks” for Sustainable Urban Mobility

This blog series presents some of the applications to the Transformative Actions Program, to show you how cities are “tapping” their potential for sustainability. For more information on the TAP, please visit the website. The city of Pasto, Colombia, currently suffers from a fragmented and disjointed urban transportation system. Infrastructure for pedestrians and bikes is 

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A2: “Feeling is Believing”

This post is part of our live blog series from the Resilient Cities 2015 congress. For more live blogs, please click here. The message that stuck at this session for participatory governance and multi-stakeholder approaches for resilience building was: “feeling is believing”. We were given an insight into some practical work from four panelist stretching 

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Cities in Action: Medellin Blooms with Life

Moravia is a hill formed from solid waste disposal in an uncontrolled landfill located in Medellin, Colombia. Since the 1980s, a human settlement that has been established on it has generated significant social tensions because of its environmental degradation, urban overcrowding and public health problems. Because of these mounting issues, the City of Medellin has 

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